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  1. FCSEA was formerly hosted by Central Washington University
  2. The FCSEA office has moved with the Executive Director to SUNY Oneonta
  3. The FCSEA Director and officers serve on the national Say YES to FCS leadership team
  4. The FCSEA Director and officers served in the leadership role for partnering with AAFCS and FCCLA to identify national NIFA grant application projects to promote FCS education. The grant application was submitted by FCSEA at SUNY Oneonta, AAFCS and FCCLA.  Other      national partners endorsing the application included the Board on Human Sciences, The Coalition for Black Development in FCS, the Alliance for FCS, The Council of FCS Administrators, the FCS Division of CTE, the National Association of State Administrators of FCS, the National Association of Teacher Educators of FCS and the National Extension Association of FCS. The grant application has a budget of approximately $940,000 to support the proposed projects. If funded, grant activities will be allowed to begin on January 15, 2018.   
  5. Questions about FCSEA can be forwarded to Dr Jan Bowers, Executive Director.  
  6. FCSEA is not collecting dues or publishing newsletters during the transition of their office.


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